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The flow by batoutofthehell
The flow
This image is a an attempt to visualize a set of abstract ideas. Created in a style where the image flaunts the original line art. It celebrates the volume and depth provided to the original line art using coloring techniques. Ohm... Ohm... 
We were two icebergs wandering in the polar seas. I had lost my way and she was wanting to lose hers. The cold polar currents had brought us together. Frozen inside her ice was a dandelion seed. Somewhere in our drift together, we got became fused together, became friends. After all we didnt need any ice breaking moments. We both were made of the same element. Together, in the beautiful silence, we watched the Penguins dancing, Orcas playing, Whales singing. We chased shoals and jelly fishes. Together we watched beautiful sunrises. The burning amber rays illuminating the purity of our innerworlds to the chorus of far away heard tweets. The rays refracting from her prisms bringing new colours into me. Colours in which i were never lit up before. She told me about the seas that she drifted through, the mountains that she made friends with, the storms she battled with, the ships that she flirted with, about the beauty of the world as she saw it. We watched together the bright stars when they glowed. Writing our names on them. The night sky reflecting on our ice. Full moons glittering on our edges. We howled in excitement at every shooting star that passed over us. We waved at every migrating swarm . We got tickled when seals brushed by us. We crawled together and sent her dandelion flying free when polar winds blew at us. We left our worries to the wind like the vapours that flew from our pinnacles. She was made of the purest waters of the highest plains. Her pure waters washing away the sands that were stuck in my heart. We wished for the currents to stop so that we wont be carried away. We wished for the winds to die so that we wont be blown away from that point, a point where, a thousand dreams, stacked up one over the other, would fail to reach. But the currents were never to stop. The winds were never to die. The currents, they have been flowing forever, the winds they have been blowing forever. They must be tired. The same flows that brought us together were pushing us to the warmer seas where the currents split for their destinations.  The beautiful silence and white serenity of our beautiful land, getting further away with each moment. The trickles of water, like a silent tear, were flowing into the sea. There we were, shining blindingly in the warmer sun. Glowing in the beautiful friendship. We hugged each other for one last time before the currents broke us apart and winds drifted her away into faraway seas, with parts of her ice still clinging on to me. I watched her drift away as far as my eyes could see, till the last glimpse of her at the horizon. There she is now. In a faraway sea. Yet under the same sky. If you ever happen to go to our beautiful polar sea, you would find little pieces and blocks of ice floating there. Those pieces which we left there to float  forever, together, undisturbed by the currents and winds.



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